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Who's Most Satisfied with Singapore Hotels?

Since the record-setting year Singapore’s tourism and hospitality industry experienced in 2011, Singapore has been one of the world’s most popular travel destinations. According to the Singapore Tourism Board, over 15 million people visited in Singapore in 2014 and accounted for 12,104,972 room nights at the 300 available hotels. These hotels received 44,547 reviews written on TripAdvisor between January 1 – December 31, 2014.

Traveler visitation frequency spread relatively evenly throughout the year for both room nights and reviews. Room nights were split equally between the first and second halves of 2014 as 50% of all the room nights were between January and June and 50% between July and December. TripAdvisor reviews in Singapore, on the other hand, saw an 8% increase in the second half of the year with 46% of hotel reviews posted between January and June and 54% between July and December. From a monthly perspective, July and August had the most number of booked room nights, accounting 9.0% and 8.8% of the year’s room nights respectively, while April (8.0%) and December (8.1%) were the least popular months. In terms of hotel reviews, December (9.3%), August (9.1%), and September (9.1%) were the most popular months for travelers to post about their hotel experiences on TripAdvisor. February was the least popular month to post a review at 6.1%.

Looking at who writes the most reviews for hotels in Singapore by continent, Asian travelers wrote 24.0% of all reviews on TripAdvisor, followed by travelers from Oceania (13.9%), Europe (11.1%), the Americas (5.3%), the Middle East (1.3%), and Africa (0.5%). Traveler location was not specified for the remaining 44%. Breaking it down by country, Australians posted the most reviews for Singapore hotels at 13% followed by the United Kingdom at 7%. Singaporeans wrote 6% of all Singapore’s hotel reviews, supporting recent reports that indicate staycations are popular amongst Singaporeans. Other inbound countries writing Singapore hotel reviews include United States (4%), India (4%), Indonesia (4%), Malaysia (3%), and China (2%).

In addition to understanding who is writing the reviews, it is interesting to evaluate travelers’ sentiment by continent. The global average Brand Karma sentiment score was 81 based on a scale of 0 to 100. Despite writing the most reviews, Asian travelers were also the least satisfied with an average sentiment score of 78, the only group below the global average. Oceania travelers were the most satisfied with an average score of 85.

Of the major contributors, only three of the eight nationalities had a sentiment higher than the global average. Travelers from the UK were most satisfied with a sentiment score of 85 while the Chinese were least satisfied at 72.
So what do these travelers care about? Although all travelers mentioned staff, service, guest rooms, and location most often in their reviews, other preferences vary by demographic.
With the busiest season for Singapore tourism in full swing, it is important for Singapore hotels’ sales and marketing leaders to identify and target the correct consumers and for hotel operations to deliver a positive, personalized experience. Brand Karma helps hotels understand what each demographic cares about most, and helps travel brands with immersive digital marketing. To learn more about how we can assist your hotel or destination, email us at
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